Print Gallery
Our fused glass gallery is Kellie's collection of works as she is the fused glass
enthusiast of our team. She has created and pushed the envelope in many different
areas of exploration combining ceramics with her fused glass in very clever and useful
applications. Her boiled glass development alone has surpassed our wildest
expectations as she continues to thrive with creativity. Her collection is not only a
tapestry homage to her growth and development with something she only picked up 2.5
years ago is proof that you can accomplish anything you set your mind on. Click on
various images for a more in depth look at her work.
Fused glass dishes and
other vessels. These
beautiful works of art are
very impressive.
Fused glass swizzle sticks with
an incredible variety in color and
Wall hanging ornamental
sculptures that also serve as
brilliant sun catchers  if hung in a
window or outside.
Slumped candle holders
over a patterned mold
made from a custom
Ceramic and fused glass sun
catchers. Using large scale frit
the light passes through these
sun catchers delivering
unusual refractive quality.  
Fused Glass Wind
Ceramic and fused
glass Incense burners
Ceramic and fused glass
tea light  lamps
Fused and faceted
glass Butterfly
Evening Shades of Glory
ceramic and fused glass
Incense burner
The latest ceramic and
fused glass incense Burner
the Dark"