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This enchanted stone is inspired from the fictional book by HP Lovecraft, The Haunter of the Dark. It comes from eternal past bringing with it unspeakable power and evil cognition.
We wanted to create a natural stone to house, and show with vibrancy, its presence.  The stone came out more incredible than we ever thought. It has a clear passage for light to
pass through the entire stone. It came from a mold that had to be broken in order to free the boiled crystal blank in which the stone was held captive until it was released.

The process through which it was made confirms its authenticity. Two colors of broken crystal shards, purple and clear, with a special ruby striker (treated glass that changes color
when heated to 1,000 degrees). Carefully placed in a mold so that there is a clear trail up through the center with a ghostly image, the glass is then heated to 1800 degrees. As air
pockets become bubbles, the extreme heat... red hot magma... "boils" the glass causing the bubbles to rise and carry the colored glass with them. It is then annealed for three
days before I can cut the gem from the solid glass cylinder shape created by the mold. It is then time to start sculpting.

It is made from Gaffer Crystal and has a lead content enhancing its brilliance. It is very heavy and extremely precious. The crystal is soft and easy to sculpt
and the way the colored glass inside swims in a galactic storm of power makes it obvious that the stone contains something questionable inside. Is it moving on a universal scale?
Could very well be. There is a Ruby striker in the center which is giving it its ghost apparitions as they capture light from any and all sources inside, out and underneath. The shots
taken with a colored back ground are shots with colored lights coming through the bottom. The patterns and landscapes are provided by the stone itself in the way it bends light
passing through. It has blue dichro on the bottom but it seems to only show in direct sunlight. It stands 3.5 inches tall and is 2 inches by 2inches wide. It is available for $250.00